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The mission of Special Eats, in conjunction with our sister partnership, Baskets Made with Love, is to employ and empower individuals with special needs through offering rewarding and high-quality special needs employment.
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Your Favorite Grilled Cheese Food Truck – Tucson

Special Eats Food Truck. Yellow with blue and white highlights, Special Eats logo, Jay (owners' son), autism and down syndrome awareness ribbons.
Welcome to Special Eats—Your home for the finest food served by the finest team of employees. We are passionate about serving the finest grilled cheese to the incredible people of the greater Tucson area, including South Tucson, Catalina, Oro Valley, Marana, Vail, and to all of our friends, wherever they may be. As a grilled cheese food truck based in Tucson, we travel anywhere, serving up mouthwatering meals while providing our Special Eats Special Team with high-quality, special needs employment.
You’re sure to be impressed by our unbeatable grilled cheeses and our commitment to friendly service with a smile. Check out our menu today and call to book our food truck for your upcoming special occasion. We can’t wait to serve you and your family at our next event.
A beautiful woman with braided, shoulder-length hair, thick, stylish glasses, and a huge, brilliant smile She is wearing a green blouse.Jessie with a beautiful smile.

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