Empowering Individuals with Special Needs


  • Spicy Clucker$10.00
    Juicy Chicken with Green Chiles, Special Sauce, & Melty Cheese
  • Belly Buster$11.00
    Candied Bacon with Jalapenos, Special Sauce, & Melty Cheese
  • The Porky$10.00
    Grilled Ham with Tomato, Special Sauce, & Melty Cheese
  • Cow Tipper$11.00
    Shaved Beef with Grilled Onions, Special Sauce, & Melty Cheese
  • Gooey Gobbler$8.00
    Grilled PB&J (Add Candied Bacon for $3)
  • Down Right Grilled Cheesy Sandwich$8.00
    3-Cheese Blend on Parmesan-Crusted Bread with Special Sauce
Spicy Clucker
Belly Buster
The Porky
Cow Tipper
Gooey Gobbler
Down Right Grilled Cheesy Sandwich


  • Chicken or Buffalo Chicken$2.00
  • Candied Bacon$3.00
  • Ham$2.00
  • Shaved Beef $2.00
  • Tomato$1.00
  • Grilled Onions$1.00
  • Green Chiles$1.00
  • Jalapenos$1.00
  • Make It a Combo (Chips & Drink)$3.00
Roasted Bacon

Munchies & Desserts:

Special Cookie
  • Soda$2.00
  • Pickle$2.00
  • Chips$1.00
  • Ice Cream Cone$5.00
  • Special Cookie (Warm, Fresh, Gooey Cookie Topped with Ice Cream)$8.00