Empowering Individuals with Special Needs

Team Members

William Harman

William Harman, Owner/Chef

William has been a chef for 20 years. He has helped open multiple restaurants. He has traveled the world cooking in different kitchens. His food has been featured on multiple shows on the Food Network. William has a daughter with autism and loved the idea of starting a food truck that benefits the special needs community. He felt it was very important to have gourmet quality food to go with our special mission.
Tamara Varga

Tamara Varga, Owner

Tamara has worked in the disability field for 10 years. She has been a DDD support coordinator, licensed fiduciary for individuals with special needs, a caretaker, and has a foster home for adults with disabilities. She is currently the director of the group supported employment program at Tucson Community Connections. Tamara has 3 children. She has a son with autism, a daughter with selective mutism and a son with Down syndrome. Her passion for employing individuals with special needs stems from wanting to create an environment she would be proud and blessed to have her children work in.
Jeffrey Varga

Jeffrey Varga, Owner

Jeff has worked with individuals with disabilities for 16 years. He is a licensed contractor and has trained individuals with disabilities in the construction industry. He is the father of three special needs children and also has an adult foster care home with his wife Tamara. Jeffrey worked many years in the food industry and got his first job at 16-years-old at Eegees. He oversees our 16-year-old training program and wants to help our teens learn the job skills that will carry them through the careers.
  • Meet Daniel


    Meet Daniel. He works on our marketing and custodial teams. He helps keep our Instagram up to date with our newest pictures. He also helps keep our truck looking perfect.

  • Meet John


    Meet John. He has autism, but that doesn’t stop him from being a top-notch food prepper on the food truck. John prepares the bread for grilling and he cuts the sandwiches.

  • Meet Kari


    She has autism, and that makes her great with numbers. Kari is in charge of our dry goods and food inventory. She helps keep our truck stocked so you can enjoy some delicious food.

  • Meet Vincent


    He has autism, but that doesn’t stop him from being your amazing cashier. Vincent is in our training program for 16-year-olds, and this is his first job. He says he loves having a job. Come out and give your money to Vincent at one of our events.

  • Meet Ben


    He is one of our to-go bag artists. He designs, draw and colors the to-go bags. On each bag, there is a sticker showing if your bag was designed and made by someone with Autism or Down syndrome. Ben loves that he can use his passion and creativity for designing and drawing at work. You can get your to-go bag and our events.

  • Meet Sarah


    She is in charge of handing out the munchies and drinks with your grilled cheese. She also sells our merchandise. She has fetal alcohol syndrome, but that doesn’t stop her from living her best life. Come and get some food and merchandise from Sarah and one of our events.

  • Meet Cecil


    He is our food truck greeter. Cecil has autism, but that doesn’t stop him from talking to everyone he meets. Cecil is a person you will surely come back to see. He will probably talk you into buying a shirt too.

  • Meet Beth


    She has autism, but that doesn’t hold her back from being our top-notch office support staff. She helps our office staff with filing, shredding, and stocking our office supplies. She will also give you a tour if you come and visit us at our main office.

  • Meet Jesse


    He has Down syndrome, so he excels at giving high fives while helping make our merchandise. Jesse loves to make specialty baskets that we sell in front of our food truck or at our office.

  • Meet Christian


    He has autism, so that makes him very detailed at cleaning our truck and landscaping at our office. He prides himself on the detail he puts into making our truck and landscaping beautiful.

  • Meet Priya


    She is part of our janitorial crew at our office and commissary. She has Down syndrome, but there is nothing down about her. She loves to sing while cleaning and loves to give hugs.

  • Meet Jamie


    He has Down syndrome and loves to help make our Down syndrome and autism merchandise collection. Jamie likes to help make bracelets and keychains for our merchandise line.

  • Meet Steven


    He is in charge of helping prep the food for our food truck. He has autism and says this is his favorite job. He loves knowing he is helping bring delicious food to the community.

  • Meet Sharon


    She has Down syndrome and is part of our jewelry-making crew for our merchandise. She also likes to help with cashiering while selling our merchandise. She says she loves her job, and it doesn’t feel like a job. It feels like a family.

  • Meet Jaymi


    She has selective mutism, but that didn’t stop her from finding a job that is perfect for her. Jaymi helps make our merchandise. She loves to help make our t-shirts and jewelry. She also helps with our shopping for the food truck and merchandise.

  • Meet Addison

    Addison is our goto gal for taking orders. Although she does not have a disability, she has a cousin with autism and wanted her first job to be working with special needs individuals. She is in our 16-year-old training program. 

  • Meet Kyle


    He is in charge of handing out the food orders and scooping the ice cream for our delicious desserts. Kyle has autism, and he is in our 16-year-old training program.

  • Meet Robert


    He has Down syndrome but loves working. Robert helps in our merchandising department. He puts together baskets and jewelry.

  • Meet Jo


    She is our team supervisor. She has a daughter with autism and has worked in the disability field for 20 years.

  • Meet Sonia


    She is the creative director for our merchandise business, Baskets Made With Love. She has a son with Down syndrome, and she gets to work with him in creating our fabulous merchandise and gift baskets. She is truly talented, and we are so lucky to be blessed with her creative talents.

  • Meet Stephanie


    She is a job coach for our merchandise team. She has a brother with Down syndrome, so she knows exactly how to coach our employees to be their best selves. She is also very creative, and she has a passion for bringing out the creative side of our employees.

  • Meet Laurie


    She is a job coach for our custodial team. She has worked in the disability field for 15 years. She is very creative, and detail oriented and brings out the best work in our cleaning crew.

  • Meet Elaine


    She is our assistant director. She has a nephew with autism and works hard to make sure our paperwork and books are in order.

  • Meet Alex


    He has autism and is in our first job training program. Alex helps run the orders and assists in the setup and takedown of the food truck.

  • Meet Jesus


    He has autism, and that makes him very detailed. Jesus is on our food truck team. He helps prep the food and is one of our sous chef’s for lunch events.

  • Meet Isaac


    Meet Isaac. He has a developmental disability, but that doesn’t stop him from working hard. Isaac is on our food truck team and helps cut and wrap the sandwiches.